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   Training and CPD Activites

   Environmental Sustainability and Water protection and management for Farmers
        in Jeftlik, Jericho
        October, 2009                                                                            (Show Details ...)

HWE conducted a training Course in October 2009 for the farmers in Al-Jeftilk area, Jericho. The training was conducted over three days.

The purpose of the training was to improve the farmers’ skills on the soil management: “how to prepare land for farming and how to use fertilizers”. The farmers were also trained on Health Aspects of Field Application of Fertilizers.
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   GIS Applications in Urban Planning Training
        17 Dec, 2008 – 3 Jan, 2009                                                       (Show Details ...)

Ramallah- Within the activities of the TEMPUS project, which is funded by the European Union to build the capacity in GIS application in the field of water and environment, the House of Water and Environment has conducted two training courses in the GIS Application in Urban planning .

The purpose of this training course was to train the Palestinian staff from different municipalities and local institutes in the use GIS applications in urban planning. Two modules have been distributed to the 18 trainees.

The two training courses provided 48 tainting hours to the 18 trainees.   

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   Symposium and Training Course to Introduce WAS and MYWAS Models
        Ramallah, Palestine
        2 - 4 December, 2008                                                                 (Show Details ...)

Eng Jumana Abu Sada and Eng Lubna Siam attended a three day training course which introduces WAS and MYWAS models. This course was conducted by Prof. Franklin Fisher from MIT University, USA and Dr Anan Jayyousi from An Najah University, Palestine, the training course was held at Rocky Hotel, Ramallah, December 2-4, 2008.

   Introductory GIS Training
        10 - 13 November, 2008                                                             (Show Details ...)

Environmental Assessment of Pollution Sources on the Water Environment and Palestinian Livelihoods in the Northern West Bank- Salfeet District, is a project that addresses the protection of groundwater resources from pollution. The project also aims at correlating the impacts of pollution with the residents’ health in order to recommend guidelines for pollution prevention.

In order to achieve these objectives effectively a GIS training course was conducted at HWE for Salfeet governorate municipal staff. This was was held in the new HWE GIS computer lab, by Eng. Jumana Abu Sada, from 10-13 November 2008.

The main objective of the Training Course was to familiarise the participants with the project and its activities, by providing an introduction to the ArcGIS software. Participants were also provided with basic knowledge and experience about data management systems and their utilization. This training course provided 20 training hours for 10 engineers from Salfeet municipalities.

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   Networking and Innovation Workshop
        29 October - 1 November, 2008                                                 (Show Details ...)

Eng. Nael Ali Ahmad from HWE was invited to participate in the first regional InWEnt Alumni Conference on the subject "Networking and Innovation" for Alumni from the MENA region from October 29-November 1, 2008 in Alexandria/Egypt.

After his participation with other five experts from Palestine, there was an agreement to establish a local network which will be connected with other networks in the region.

   Training Program in GIS Applications
        11 - 18 October, 2008                                                                  (Show Details ...)

The Pro-Aquifer project is a project which addresses the protection of shared groundwater resources from pollution by municipalities. The project aims to directly improve the capacity of municipal staff to alleviate pollution stresses on groundwater through the training of professionals on relevant pollution prevention activities. This was one of the first GIS training programs that was held in the new HWE GIS computer lab, by Eng. Jumana Abu Sada, from 11-18 October 2008.

The purpose of this training course was to train Palestinian municipal staff in the use of the ArcGIS tool and its applications in water. Municipal staff was trained in data collection, creation of datasets, and water applications in GIS among other topics.

This training course provided 48 training hours to 10 engineers from different Palestinian municipalities.
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   Tempus Project: Capacity Building in Newcastle University
        22 September - 3 October, 2008                                                 (Show Details ...)

Within the activities of the TEMPUS project, which is funded by the European Union, Eng. Jumana Abu Sada and Eng. Jamal Numan attended a ‘Continuing Professional Development (CPD)’ training course for GIS in Newcastle University. The Tempus project aims to build capacity in GIS applications in the field of water, environment and urban planning, This CPD training course consisted of Intermediate GIS and Spatial Analysis training using ArcGIS and was followed by discussions, development and preparation of the material for the 5th training course for the Tempus project, which is entitled “GIS applications in Urban Planning”. This course will be conducted in November 2008.

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   Launching of a GIS computer lab and two training programs
        24-29 August, 2008                                                                      (Show Details ...)

Ramallah- Within the activities of the TEMPUS project, which is funded by the European Union and aims to build capacity in GIS application in the field of water and environment, the House of Water and Environment has opened a GIS computer lab and has launched two training programs on the GIS applications in water and environment. One of the training courses is a beginner’s course -Introduction to GIS- while the second is an advanced course.

The TEMPUS project is a joint project between the House of Water and Environment, the Water and Environmental Studies Institute of Birzeit University, the Earth and Environmental Sciences faculty in Al-Quds University, Newcastle University, and the University of Lund. The purpose of this project is to develop academic curriculum for university students at the Bachelor level and the Masters level, as well as to train those employed in the field of water and environment in Palestinian organizations. Dr. Amjad Aliewi, Director General of House of Water and Environment, opened the training courses, and Eng. Jumana Abusadah, will be giving the training. Eng. Jumana has much experience using GIS on a local and regional scale in the field of water and environment.

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   WEAP- MODFLOW Workshop    9-13 March, 2008               (Show Details ...)

Under the technical cooperation project “Management, Protection and Sustainable Use of Groundwater and soil resources” between the Arab Centre for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD), SYRIA, and the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), Eng. Najwan Imsieh and Eng. Lubna Siam participated in a trianing workshop which was held on setting up and applying a Decision Support System (DSS) for water management (WEAP- MODFLOW). This workshop was held from 9-13 March, 2008 in the Kempinsky Hotel, Amman, JORDAN.

   Training Course on Sewage Treatment Management
         16 Jan – 6 Feb, 2008                                                                   (Show Details ...)

HWE conducted a training course about sewage treatment technologies from 16 January to 6 February, 2008 at the Grand Park Hotel in Ramallah-Palestine for Municipality Engineers.
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   Groundwater Training Course    28-30 Jan, 2008                      (Show Details ...)

Dr. Aliewi was a visiting professor in January, 2008 at Newcastle University (UK) and he taught Groundwater Assessment Module with the MSc programme in Applied Hydrology.

   Back to Back Workshops Transboundary Aquifers
        14-18 Jan, 2008                                                                            (Show Details ...)

Members of Staff from HWE attended Back to Back Workshops: Initial Implementation of Joint Management in the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System, and Nahr El Kabir Aquifer System from 14-18 Jan 2008 in Cairo, Egypt.

   Training Course on Sewage Treatment Technologies
        21 Nov, 2007 – 16 Jan, 2008                                                        (Show Details ...)

HWE conducted a training course about sewage treatment technologies from 21 November, 2007 to 16 January, 2008 at HWE, Ramallah-Palestine for Municipality Engineers.
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   Shared Aquifer database for the MEDA Region
        26-27 Nov, 2007                                                                            (Show Details ...)

Eng. Jumana Abu Sada , the GIS Specialist at HWE attended a workshop, entitled: “Shared aquifers database for the MEDA region: content, use and maintenance.” which was held in Thessaloniki, Greece, from 26th-27th November 2007 organised by ESCWA.

   WEAP Training and Application Workshop
        24-25 Nov, 2007                                                                            (Show Details ...)

Eng. Najwan Imseih, A Water and Environment Research Associate at HWE, attended the ‘WEAP Training and Application Workshop’, which primarily addressed trans-boundary management questions, including alternatives to the Red Dead Canal. This workshop was held in Amman, Jordan, November 24-25, 2007. This workshop provided an introduction to the regional WEAP model for the Jordan basin.

   Renewable Energy Workshop  18 December, 2006                    (Show Details ...)

House of Water and Environment organized on 18 December, 2006, a workshop on renewable energy in Ramallah, attended by a number of Palestinian and German experts.

The Palestinian experts were from BirZeit and Annajah universities, water and energy authorities, Jerusalem Electricity Company, Palestinian Hydrology Group and others.  

The experts discussed how to use the technology for solar radiation for electricity generation and desalination of water. 

Dr.Amjad Aliewi explained the importance of using this technology in Palestine with confirmation that the Palestinians should first their water rights in the Jordan River and groundwater basins and all means of water resources.  

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Eng Yousef Awayes, a director general in the Palestinian Water Authority-(PWA) and Eng. Deeb Abdalghafour from the PWA spoke about the water status of water supply in the West Bank, while Eng. Ahmad Yaqubi, a director   general in the PWA, spoke about the Palestinian experience in using solar in Gaza, showing the needs for additional fresh water resources in Gaza.  

Dr. Imad Braik from Annajah University spoke about the potentiality of using the solar radiation in Palestine.  

Dr. Omar Kittaneh, the head of the Energy Authority in Palestine spoke about the importance of using this technology in developing Palestine. 

Professor Gerhard Kneis from Germany gave examples about the practicalities of this technology and water it was applied in the Middle East.


   Regional Training Course  1-8 December, 2006                         (Show Details ...)

Within the context of the inter-regional project on “Capacity building for Sustainable Utilization, Management and Protection of Internationally Shared Groundwater in the Mediterranean Region”.

The United Nations Economic & Social Commission forWestern Asia (ESCWA),was jointly organizing with the Regional Center for Training and Water Studies (RCTWS) at the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, Network on Groundwater in the Arab Region (NGWP), UN Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), UN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization-International Hydrological Programme (UNESCO-IHP) and UN-Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA) a training seminar on “Groundwater Modelling and Data Analysis”. This seminar was taken place from 1 to 8 December 2006 at RCTWS, Egypt.


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There were 9 participants in this training course one of them is Eng. Amjad Assi from House of Water and Environment the others are Mr. Ismail Karray (Water Resources, Tunisia), Mr. Nidal Khalifa (Groundwater Modeller, Jordan), Mrs. Mona Fakih (Head of Service of Research and Hydraulic Structures, Lebanon), Mr. Hassan Fayad (Director Deputy, Syria), Mr. Ahmad Abdallah (Hydrogeologist in ACSAD, Syria), Mrs. Halima Mamou (Research Groundwater, Tunisia), Mr. Mohamed Hindi (Civil Engineer at Water Research Institute for Groundwater, Egypt), and Mrs. Heba Abdel Aziz (Civil Engineer at Water Research Institute for Groundwater, Egypt).

   Argentina Workshop  24-30 July, 2006                                        (Show Details ...)

"Assessment, Monitoring and Protection of Groundwater Pollution in Urban Areas" Workshop in Argentina, July 24-30, 2006 organized by UNESCO- IHE

With the framework of the PoWER project, UNESCO-IHE invited Eng. Amjad Assi - Research Associate at House of Water and Environment  to participate in  the workshop which was held at Blas Pascal University, Cordoba, Argentina from July 24-30, 2006.

With the framework of the PoWER Joint Research Project between UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education (Netherlands), Blas Pascal University (Argentina), Indian Institute of Technology (Roorkee, India). Birzeit University and House of Water and Environment (Palestine) are working together in this project. UNESCO-IHE invited Eng. Amjad Assi - Research Associate at House of Water and Environment to participate in the project workshop which was held at Blas Pascal University, Cordoba, Argentina from July 24-30, 2006.

The participants in the workshop were;

    1.  Yangxiao Zhou, PhD - Associate Professor in Hydrology – UNESCO-IHE.
    2.  Dr. D. C. Singhal – Professor in Department of Hydrology
         – Indian Institute of  Technology – Roorkee.
    3.  Dr. Alberto Emilio Ferral – The Head of the Environmental Department 
         and he is also  the Secretary of Extension and International Relations –
         Blas Pascal University.
    4.  Dr. Eugenia Alaniz – Blas Pascal University.
    5.  Eng. Amjad Assi – Research Associate – House of Water and

In this workshop, work plans were prepared for all partners. Moreover, a video conference between the team in Argentina and UNESCO_IHE was performed so as to discuss such joint projects.
There will be some publications and papers in national and international journals at the end of this project.

   "Shared Groundwater Aquifers" Workshop in Beirut
         24-25 Apeil, 2006                                                                          (Show Details ...)

"Shared Groundwater Aquifers" Workshop in Beirut, April 24-25, 2006 organized by ESCWA

Dr. Amjad Aliewi, the Director - General of HWE and as an advisor to the Palestinian Water Authority attended a workshop in Beirut, April 24-25, 2006 organized by ESCWA on shared ground water aquifers.
The workshop was entitled "Formulation of a policy framework to support the establishment of mechanisms for inter-state cooperation on shared groundwater aquifers in the Mediterranean Region.
The workshop adopted a number of conclusions and recommendations for further actions.

To see Dr Aliewi's presentation, Click shared aquifers 1.45 Mb


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